Good things come…

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…hopefully!  Right?!  After a ton of CAD, a glass of wine and taking a leap of faith by moving some desks around at the office last night, I’ve come to realize that my original configuration for the third floor of our space just isn’t going to cut it.  WORST.  And after waking up at 2:30 this morning with a light bulb moment, trying it in CAD and seeing the new idea successfully come together (YES!), I’m too excited to go back to sleep.  So, indeed – if good things could please come to those who are up late, that would be fantastic ;-)

Hope you have a great day and more updates to come!  xo

{Lettering by Jasmine Dowling}

Apartment 34 – Office Inspiration


At work, we’re growing crazy fast right now, which is awesome, but it also means that we’re experiencing some growing pains – space being one of them.  Our LA office is BEAUTIFUL architecturally with three floors, tons of natural light and an amazing screened in patio/conference room/studio, (all white!) kitchen and glass executive office.  What I’m not thrilled with though, is our serious lack of storage.  We have 1 (ONE!) 6×7′ “closet” space downstairs that also houses all of our utilities including our electrical box and we therefore can’t store ANYTHING within 36″ of it or it’s deemed a fire hazard.  We’re also not allowed to build out a storage unit under our stairs unless we install a sprinkler system because storing anything “combustable” (did you know that IKEA furniture is a “combustable”?!) under stairs is prohibited.  EFF!

That being said, we’re now cramming way too much stuff and way too many people on the third floor of our office which is where everyone seems to prefer sitting.  It’s also where our marketing team needs to be and almost our entire LA office is comprised of marketing people so we have to figure out a way to make it work.  Over the course of the next week, we’ll be re-arranging our current furniture and getting some new pieces to hopefully configure everyone comfortably and in a space they can love :-)  Until now, I’ve been totally stumped, but the Apartment 34 office reveal came at just the right time and has me really excited.  I mean, how beautiful is this space?!  Super light and airy, but with just enough color and warmth without feeling busy or overwhelming to work from.  I’m feeling totally inspired to hop on CAD and figure this whole thing out.  Take a look at some of my favorites shots below.

All images by Aubrie Pick on VSCO film for Apartment 34.












Beach Weekend


The weekends are way, way too short.  AmIRight?!  Where did it go?  I actually can’t believe that Monday has already come and passed too.  Jake and I just had our first weekend at home together in over 3 weeks.  No commitments, no events, no obligations.  YES.  We stuck around Hermosa for the entire weekend, caught up, went to the beach and worked on a few projects.  It was just how I like it!  The Discovery Channel was hosting their first annual Fin Fest to launch Shark Week and had an impromptu, free Jimmy Buffett concert on the sand so we wandered down to the beach and that’s about it!  I also just recently got a new camera lens so I was having some fun with that.  Check out a few of my favorite moments from the weekend:





{Jimmy Buffett playing on the Jaws Stage}


{Pink hydrangeas on our walk home}


{The world’s most annoying DIY project continues once we’re home: painting grout for DAYS… more on that later}


{Cat naps with Lily Bear}

Missing Michigan


For whatever reason, around this time of the year, I get really nostalgic for Michigan.  I will stand firmly next to the claim that there is no place more beautiful in the summertime and will forever miss the Mitten during the warmest months of the year.  Last week in LA we had rain (rain!) in the summer which is so rare.  I honestly can not remember the last time we had rain in July or August and it’s been at least 5 months since I’ve seen a drop fall in our little beach town.  Hearing thunder made me ache to the core for home in all of its summer lush with endless rolling hills of emerald green.  If you follow Sarah Sherman Samuel of Smitten Studio, you already know of her cabin project on the shores of Lake Michigan.  If you don’t, prepare to fall in love.  Anytime she posts about Michigan, I get so homesick yet excited about the thought of Jake and I maybe having our own cabin one day in my home state.  Regardless of whether that ever happens, I’ll still look to her little cabin renovation for inspiration for my own home in the future.

PS:  These are just a few favorites from Smitten Studio.  Sarah’s entire renovation process is INSANE and you have to check it out here.  Her line of products is pretty amazing too and can be found here.







Lust List


pendant  |  pillow  |  camera bag  |  meow

Just a few pretty things that I can’t stop completely obsessing over… hey, a girl can dream – right?  If the pendant were a plug-in, I would have ordered it in a minute for our place.  The milk glass, the touch of brass – love.  I’ve been looking for a little something to hang over our kitchen peninsula and this would be perfect if I didn’t need to hire an electrician to re-wire our rental.  And the highly coveted banana leaf print made famous by the Beverly Hills Hotel has been an absolute favorite for as long as I can remember.  My love was only reaffirmed when I visited the Lombardi House this past weekend and it was absolutely everywhere in the best way possible.  Curtains, chairs, pillows – Heaven!  I would have snapped a few pictures with camera if I had taken it with me, but my camera bag is an absolute embarrassment (which is why I need this ONA bag!) so I left it at home.  Cognac + gold = sold.  Lastly, Catbird is just the best and my inner cat lady almost died when J.Crew announced a collaboration and released their cat ring.  Of course the only size left in stock is my size… I think it’s a sign :-)

Hope you’re having a great week!



{Image via}

Happy Friday!  Is it just me or was this week TOUGH?!  How amazing does that hammock look right now?  Seriously!  We put the final, final, final touches on our 2014-2015 Products and Experiences catalog this week and sent it off to the printer.  Nail biting, nerve wracking, losing sleep wondering if it’s perfect kind of week.  Today, I’ll be accompanying our Creative Director to the printer to do a press check (something I’ve never done in person before) and I’m so excited!  I’m sure I’ll post a picture or two on Instagram, so be sure to follow me over there.  After that, I’ll be wrapping up a few things at the office before heading into the weekend and I’m planning on doing as little as humanly possible on Saturday & Sunday (in between a few tiny projects, of course).  One thing is for certain, I can’t wait to get a good run in and some beach time to enjoy the hot, sunny weather in the South Bay :-)  Have a great weekend!

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Peach + Heirloom Tomato Burrata Salad

Peach Tomato Burrata Salad

Isn’t summer just the best?  Aside from the hot days and balmy nights, the wide range of produce to choose from at the market is unbeatable.  Peaches are my absolute favorite so when I picked up a few too many, I needed to get creative with my cooking and use them up.  With tons of heirloom tomatoes on hand, I snipped some fresh basil from the garden and got to work.  This salad has easily become one of my absolute favorites and it’s beyond simple to throw together for a quick dinnertime gathering.  Pair it with a crisp Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc and your guests will be asking for seconds.  Cheers!


6-8 heirloom tomatoes (assorted sizes and colors)
6 medium/large ripe yellow peaches
1 cup fresh basil (chopped)
4 oz. burrata
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
salt & pepper to taste


1.  Slice tomatoes and peaches lengthwise into 8 pieces
2.  Slice basil into ribbons
3.  Using your fingers, separate burrata into small quarter-size pieces
4.  Combine peaches, tomatoes and basil.  Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and gently toss.
5.  Place onto plate and add 6-8 pieces of burrata per serving.  Finish with fresh cracked pepper and salt.

Yield: 6 servings
Suggested Wine Pairing: Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc